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For most of its history, music was experienced live and in-the-moment, as performance

Today, recorded music dominates everyday life, trading in the magic and “had to be there” of live music for the ability to reach millions. For the past 150 years, no one has been able to combine the best of both. With the use of AI technology, we’ve found a way.

LifeScore brings together the magic of performance and the functionality of recorded music

Worldwide, on average, people listen to music 3 hours a day. They rely on music to influence their day-to-day lives: to make them stronger, happier, more energetic, or more brave. 3 minute recordings aren’t formatted to best respond to listeners’ needs throughout the day, and they get stale over time. LifeScore uses emerging technology to augment and amplify human creativity. We extend the length and life of recorded music, and bring the uniqueness and responsiveness of a live performance. The result is music that is responsive to listener needs, whether it's relaxation, focus, energy, sleep, or other activity.

We start with studio quality compositions and recordings, then use patented AI algorithms to generate:

High quality, endlessly varying, commercializable streams of music that respond to listener input

Musical variations that retain an artist’s 
unique fingerprint

Musical variations that assist with activities like sleep, energy, relaxation, and focus

Fully cleared music produced in direct collaboration with artists and their labels