"Highlights for us were LifeScore announcing its partnership with Twitch which saw it create adaptive soundtracks for guests entering its building with its patented cellular composition system, as well as a 24-hour online Twitchverse page, which for me is a slightly nostalgic link back to the origins of adaptive music in procedural audio in game engines." - Karim Fanous, Innovation Manager, Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Red startups have raised $40m of funding so far

“We have now incubated 15 companies across all areas of the value chain, who together have raised $40m and are collectively worth $200m,” said Abbey Road boss Isabel Garvey, at the event.

The night saw demos from current Red startups, including LifeScore.

LifeScore is an adaptive music startup whose algorithms compose music on the fly, responding to people’s movements and other data, using stems recorded by human musicians at Abbey Road. The company has developed a mobile app, but is also working on experiences with an unnamed luxury carmaker, and with Twitch. On the app, CEO Philip Sheppard said the company’s aim is to “help you compose a film score for your life”.

Oxford Saïd Business School Entrepreneurship Forum 2019

The final speakers were Philip Sheppard and Chris Walch, and the two of them spoke about their life journeys and how they started up LifeScore.

Listen to their keynote HERE!

Music Ally Report AI on the Prize.pdf

Music Ally, February 2019 AI Report, AI On the Prize: Artificial Intelligence's New Breed

Siri co-founder Tom Gruber talks about his new AI-music startup LifeScore

“I think we’re looking at a new way of doing music, which is a collaboration between human expertise, human taste, and human raw talent in creating music and recording it, with the machine’s ability to combine those things and generate music all day long. And make it sound like a human made it.”

Abbey Road Red seeks more diversity in startup founders

Abbey Road Red’s newest recruit, AI-music startup LifeScore, does have a female co-founder, COO, Chris Walch. In his presentation at the event last night, CEO Philip Sheppard also pointed out that three quarters of his company’s advisory board are women.