“Music is a constant in how I think and get things done. LifeScore is the answer to my repeating techno and chill tracks – a changing music background to the game of my life. I want so many others to share that same experience and LifeScore is what I believe will allow them do so.”

- John McKee

John McKee

Owner and Founder, Headframe Spirits and Headframe Spirits Manufacturing

John is the co-founder of Headframe Spirits and Headframe Spirits Manufacturing in Butte, MT. Both companies serve the alcohol distillation industry and are operated as certified B-Corporations to the benefit of our community in Butte.

Over the last 15 years he has been involved in a publicly traded biodiesel company as a founding member and then alongside his wife and business partner has founded and grown a fledging distillery into a 33-employee closely-held group of companies with a focused attention of impactful economic change for their community.

John is married to Courtney McKee, his business/shenanigans partner. Their nerd flag was hoisted high when their distillation equipment was featured in Popular Mechanics in May of 2016. They have been recognised in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine and were awarded the 2013­ Montana Entrepreneurs of the Year award, 2015 Montana Tourism Ambassadors of the Year award and the 2015­ Grant Project of the Year for The Orphan Girl Film.

John is dad to two fantastic children and, when not at Headframe Spirits, can generally be found on a body of water somewhere in Western Montana.