“What makes LifeScore so compelling is the ability to build the bridge between creativity, health, fun while building a sharp technology edge – as Philip makes the strings of his cello vibrate, I have no doubt LifeScore will make us vibrate in unison.”

- Estelle Metayer

Estelle Métayer

Principal & Founder, Competia

Estelle is an expert in Competitive and Strategic Intelligence. Facilitator strategic governance workshops on future trends and industry disruption.

She is an adjunct professor at McGill University, a guest lecturer at IMD (Switzerland), a faculty member at the Institute of Corporate Directors (Canada), and taught in joint programs with the IMB (India), MIT (United States) and INSEAD (France).

Estelle is an Independent Non Executive Director and member of the audit committee of BRP Inc. (Canada), a Board Member and member of the strategy committee of Audemars Piguet (Switzerland), a Board Member of Blockstream (Montreal-Silicon Valley), an Advisory Board Member of Ricardo Media (Canada) and Réseau Sélection (Canada), and a Board Member, member of the executive committee and chair of the strategy committee of the Montreal Board of Trade.

She was formerly an Independent Non Executive Director and Chair of the Compensation Committee at Ubisoft Entertainment SA (France). She obtained her Drs and MBA from Nijenrode University, The Netherlands. In 2000, she was awarded the Arista Sunlife Award for "Entrepreneur of the Year”