"I am passionate about technology and how we design and deploy it to the betterment of human experience. LifeScore, in part, is an opportunity to elevate how we connect with our world. There's no greater way to share my time, energy and resources than to participate, with incredible friends like Philip, to realise LifeScore's vision.”

- Courtney Mckee

Courtney McKee

CEO, Headframe Spirits and Headframe Spirits Manufacturing

Courtney is the co-owner, co-founder and CEO of Headframe Spirits and Headframe Spirits Manufacturing in Butte, MT, both of which are certified B Corporations.

The companies are equal parts history and technology. Headframe Spirits produces beverage alcohol and operates a Tasting Room while its Manufacturing counterpart designs and builds industry-disrupting distillation equipment for the global distilled spirits industry. She serves on the board of the American Craft Spirits Association and co-chairs their Education Committee. Prior to her work in the distilled spirits and manufacturing industry, Courtney built and ran an IT and Information Security consulting business. Her common thread: assisting individuals and organisations in identifying opportunities and eliminating obstacles, making tiny corners of the world just a little bit better in the process.

Courtney is married to John McKee, her business/shenanigans partner. Their nerd flag was hoisted high when their distillation equipment was featured in Popular Mechanics in May of 2016. They have been recognised in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine and were awarded the 2013­ Montana Entrepreneurs of the Year award, 2015 Montana Tourism Ambassadors of the Year award and the 2015­ Grant Project of the Year for The Orphan Girl Film.