July 7, 2023
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A best selling collection of immersive musical experiences for younger listeners


Why they partnered with us

Yoto is an interactive audio platform for kids. They offer a catalog of audio content to inspire creative play and learning without a screen. They were looking to add value by soundtracking and enhancing everyday moments with music that would be reached for again and again.

What we created

9 bespoke musical experiences, released as Yoto cards, made to help younger listeners sleep soundly, explore their imaginations, and find their flow. Each card contains an hour-long piece of music played by legendary session musicians, composed by world-class composers, and augmented with our proprietary algorithms.

“LifeScore are dream partners to work with. We are forever impressed by their creative flair and the ingenuity of their platform. The music they’ve created for Yoto is stunning in quality and very popular with our customers. We look forward to lots more exciting projects to come."

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