Case Studies

Bentley Driver's Journey

A car with built-in musical experiences that adapt to each driver’s journey

Artificial Next on Twitch

A live and interactive sci-fi drama which puts the power of music into listeners’ hands

Yoto Sleep Cards

A best selling collection of immersive musical experiences for younger listeners

Zen by Deezer

A holistic wellness app that transports listeners to calming natural environments
“We’ve built a unique, all inclusive digital wellbeing experience with innovative music and audio experiences, that gives us a clear competitive edge in this growing market, and complements our music offering really well.”

Jeronimo Folgueira


"LifeScore is an amazing and visionary global team, but what makes them really special is the combination of diverse world class skills, from artistic to scientific to business acumen. This is a recipe for success."

David Leary

Head of UX

“LifeScore are dream partners to work with. We are forever impressed by their creative flair and the ingenuity of their platform. The music they’ve created for Yoto is stunning in quality and very popular with our customers. We look forward to lots more exciting projects to come."

Dom Hodge

Head of Music

“For a company that is always looking for new ways to create connections between viewers, it's rare to find a partner like LifeScore who immediately understands us and brings so many options to the table. Every collaboration results in new innovative ways to connect our audience. ”‍

Joshua Shaw

Senior Product Manager

Delight your audience with music that feels like it was made for them — because it was.