“Rarely in life are you presented with a vision of something that really will change the way people connect with music and in so doing enhance their lives considerably.

From the very first second of hearing the dream of LifeScore I could see the reality, I cannot put into words what the opportunity is with LifeScore and how it will truly be the creator of new realities, perhaps I need LifeScore to put my excitement to music! I am committed to do what I can to help Philip and the team bring the dream of LifeScore to the hearts, minds and ears of a new global audience.”

- Carl Dalby

Carl Dalby

Chief Business Officer

Carl leads our Business Development function and had a multi decade global career building new businesses and new markets.

After starting his business journey in IT (software design and coding) at British Aerospace supporting the global teams building military aircraft, he moved to head the IT function of a global legal firm.

Carl co-founded and built the third internet service provider in the UK in the mid 90’s and also one of the world’s first e-commerce providers (building a secure encryption platform for card transactions – later acquired by a global tech firm) where his company developed the first online stores/content for organisations including Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, UA and MGM (with the first official web content for the James Bond franchise and the relaunch with Goldeneye) and collaborated with various music labels including EMI and Mute Records.

He has always been fortunate to be at the leading edge of new technology and this has manifested itself with leadership roles in various consultancies. He has spoken at many conferences across the globe on topics ranging from future technology to risk management. Throughout his consulting career in large and SME firms he has advised and worked in nearly every business market including, media, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing and public sector in organizations worldwide.

He was part of the leadership team and shareholder in building a management consultancy from a 20-person team to over 500 leading to its trade sale in 2014. He also during this time worked closely with several music market clients including Popwire (a Stockholm firm delivering early broadband music channels worldwide) to leading the development of MTVi (MTV’s interactive service) helping MTV capitalise on the new online technologies. With over 30 years in the professional services sector Carl has built an enviable trusted network across many markets and geographies.

Carl is also the CEO of Istimor, a UK based advisory and business consulting firm, an advisor and Non-Executive Board Member of machineOS, a world leading Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning platform provider, and Co-founder of Tandem Bank.

He is an active member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.

For over 20 years he has been an active Patron and member of the British Film Institute and takes great pleasure in discovering new film and music experiences.