Abbey Road Red

Abbey Road Studios serves as the home base for LifeScore. In December 2018, LifeScore joined the incubator programme at Abbey Road Red, Abbey Road Studios' open innovation and emerging technologies department.

Abbey Road Red is Europe’s only music tech specific incubator program. It's mission is to find and nurture the most promising music tech start-ups and give them developmental value that no other incubator can, from a completely bespoke programme to access to Abbey Road and Universal Music’s industry leading expertise, personnel and facilities and their leading network of experts and companies.

“LifeScore is an adaptive breath of fresh air. An evolving music platform with endless possibilities that puts human composition and recordings at the heart of its proposition.

It does this in a unique and highly musicological way, matching the mathematical structure of layers of music with its evolving music engine. LifeScore combines human artistry, recording and production with adaptive technology and we are delighted to be exploring the path that the two sides will take together here at Abbey Road.”

- Karim Fanous Innovation Manager | Abbey Road Red